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Award-Winning Photographers for Your Project in Africa

Do you have an event happening in a city or country in Africa and need a top-rated photographer? Looking for a fashion photographer who knows the ins and outs of shooting in the region? Need some amazing corporate event or product shots by a photographer who understands your vision?

At Photographers of Africa, we are experts in handling all types of photography service requests throughout Africa. Our Global Media Experts will analyze your assignment requirements and perfectly match you with one of our professional photographers. No matter what type of photography service you need, we have the experience, creativity, and know-how to make it happen.

The Right Photographer at the Right Place,
Proven Results


We only work with the finest, most respected professionals in the industry. Our photographers have powerful artistic visions and the experience to get it right, every time. We know that your project deserves to be handled by the best, which is why we provide only superior-quality photographers who are internally certified and graded to deliver consistent results.

Trusted To Save You Time and Money

Our goal is simple: we deliver high-end photography services while eliminating your stress and saving you money. How do we do it?

Easy: by providing proven professional photographers who are stationed locally we reduce or eliminate travel costs. And because we know the local conditions in Africa, we’re able to protect you from needless hassles - saving you time and money.

The Perfect Photographer for Your Project

We have first-class photographers in the following fields:

  • Corporate
  • Advertising/Commercial
  • Fashion
  • Celebrity
  • Special/Large Events
  • Photojournalism
  • Portrait/Fine Arts
  • Architectural
  • and more!!

Let us know your needs, your dates, and where you plan to shoot, and we will rush you the rates and profiles of the best possible photographers for your project.

Experts in Multi-City and Multi-Country Photography

Photographers of Africa specializes in handling projects that require photographers in multiple cities and countries throughout the world. We can meet all your photography needs by providing consistent results in various cities across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. For multi-city projects, the value we add to clients is multiplied thanks to the convenience and reassurance of our global reach guarantee.


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